Saturday, October 9, 2010

Will Nick Diaz beat KJ Noons?

Gracie Jujitsu ace and the favorite son of Stockton, CA Nick Diaz faces off against the last man to beat him boxer KJ Noons tonight on Strikeforce. Noons brings a strong disliking for the Diaz Bros. into the ring tonight as well as the confidence that comes with being ranked the #154 best Middleweight boxer in the world according to BOXREC.

The last time the two men fought Noons dominated on the feet. He cut up Diaz's face so bad the fight had to be stopped. He dropped Diaz in the fight and Diaz was totally unsuccessful in getting the fight to the ground and into his world. The question is will this fight play out in the same way.

My cystal ball is fuzzy but I am going to have to say that Noons will not emerge the victor this time around. Diaz striking has improved but I don't think he will need it. Caesar Gracie is a great coach as his three pupils are the three current Strikeforce champs at 155, 170 and 185lbs. Gracie will have a good game plan in place this time around and I look for Diaz to get the fight to the ground and sub Noons.

No matter what happens, win or lose one thing is for certain. Diaz is "no punk bitch", he is reppin the 209, and he is still super pissed off.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Is that Aoki in a Nick Diaz Shirt?

Yes Shinya Aoki wore a Nick Diaz T-shirt to the Dream 16 press conference. I don't know what is more surprising the fact that Aoki is wearing a Nick Diaz shirt or that someone out there is making Nick Diaz t-shirts?

More Guest Star Octagon Girls?

After seeing Holly Madison featured in this months UFC Magazine it made me think about how much exposure she has gotten from her one fight ring card girl appearance at UFC 100. I think more actresses/models should also make guest star appearances ala Holly as UFC ring card girls. It has to be great publicity. Of course Hollywood A-listers would do it bout those on the up probably would jump at the chance to get the exposure of the PPVs. It would be neat from a fans perspective to see who the guest Octagon Girl would be each event. I think someone like Kim Kardashian would be a good fit as she seems famous for just being famous. I also would like to see the UFC have at least one redhead in the mix and so I would like to suggest Diora Baird from Old School and Star Trek. Please email me your suggestions.

Is that me with the MMA Junkie Radio Crew?

The answer is YES! I got to visit the MMA Junkie Radio crew in Las Vegas in April and they kindly let me sit in on two shows. If you don't listen to MMA Junkie Radio you are missing out on an informative and great radio show. One of the things that make it so great is that it is so interactive with the listeners. The show broadcasts out of the Race and Sports Book in the Manadalay Bay Casino and the show invites listeners to come in and sit in any time. It was a lot of fun and the guys were great. Thanks GG, Goze and John Morgan. You guys are the best.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Move all 155lbs fighters to the WEC?

I know, I know you dont' like it and that is fine but just consider it. I have been hearing a lot of talk about moving the WEC 155 division into the UFC. I propose a different possibility. How about you move all of the 155ers into the WEC. It could be their flagship division. The WEC would benefit from all the marketing the UFC has done to build up name recognition of these fighters (through TUF etc.) and this would make the WEC the one stop home for the best 155ers in the world.

Why do this? It is part of GG's TEN POUND PROPOSAL he has been talking about. A belt every ten pounds. This would work well with this realignment. It would make perfect sense to have the WEC have the 125, 135, 145 and 155 pound divisions. Four solid weight classes. That would mean that the UFC would have the 165, 175, 185, 195, 205, and 265 (Heavyweight) divisions. Six solid weight classes only one more than the number they have now.

Some of the UFC 155ers would stay in the UFC but fight at 165lbs. Others would choose to go the WEC and fight there. And before you start with the "but the UFC guys make more money etc." talk... I don't even want to start with the money talk. They are all Zuffa employees and they should all get paid well for their contributions to the sport.

This is just a hypothetical proposed realignment that is a potential way to solve what many see as the problem of the split 155 lbs weight division under the Zuffa umbrella. Just throwing it out there. What do you think?

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Wandy's Pride Belt?

Iwent to the fight museum inside Mandalay Bay and got this picture of Wanderlei Silva's Pride Belt. It is a cool little spot with memorabilia from both Boxing and MMA. Well worth a stop when in Vegas.

Jose Aldo three belts?

Jose Aldo destroyed Manny Gamburian at WEC 51 on Thursday night and so the inevitable he "should move up in weight and go after the 155 lb belt" began. This was quickly followed by the "he should go down in weight and go after the 135 lb belt" talk. Then the talk that he could be the first man to hold three belts started making rounds. I will advocate for the hold your horses philosophy. I would rather see him be a long and dominate champ at 145 then see him jump around different weight classes. There are 6 Billion people in the world I am sure Sean Shelby can find a few to fight him that could present interesting challenges at 145 first. Lets leave Jose alone and enjoy his upcoming fights at 145 before we have him challenge for any more belts.